Shah Eye Care Pvt. Ltd. has been a innovator of specialty, single use medical devices, like Ophthalmic microsurgical knives for the past 3 years. Utilizing our full "turnkey" manufacturing capabilities, many medical product manufacturers have leveraged the high quality of Shah Eye Care Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturing and Private Label products to sell under their own brand names. We also offer design assistance for single use disposable knives and other medical device-related products, as well as assembly services.

Whether you need a standard or custom item, outstanding performance and cost effectiveness are part of the partnership. All Private Label products receive the same attention to quality and consistency that we give to our own ACUCUT and SHAHsharp brands.

Contract Manufacturing /Private Labelling
Shah Eye Care Pvt. Ltd. offers quality, experience, reliability and flexibility. Contract manufacturing/Private Labelling is the foundation.

Our Product Inside. Your Brand Outside
Offer your customers world-class microsurgical instruments by partnering with Shah Eye Care Pvt. Ltd. to manufacture your private label product. Shah Eye Care Pvt. Ltd. provides the know-how and experience supported by trusted and proven processes and you provide the brand identity.

What customization options does SECPL offer
Shah Eye Care Pvt. Ltd. offers complete customization including:
Product – including blade specifications, handle color and inset options
Packaging - including your logo and design direct printed on all packaging and labeling. SECPL needed.

Why partner with Shah Eye Care Pvt. Ltd. for your private label
Partnering with Shah Eye Care Pvt. Ltd. for your private label product offers numerous advantages, including:
Low upfront investment
Satisfaction guaranteed quality product
A complete line of globally accepted microsurgical instruments
Reliable manufacturing with an ISO and CE certified company
Complete confidentiality
Exceptional flexibility to respond to your requirements


ACUCUT Ophthalmic knives manufactured through fully Automated, Revolutionary ELECTRO ETCHING Technology & Designed to give Diamond like performance.