SHAH EYE CARE PVT. LTD history began in 2010, to build the core technologies that still serve as SECPL foundation. We strive to redefine and improve therapies in novel and innovative ways to benefit patients worldwide. Shah Eye Care Pvt. Ltd, based in southern part of India, is an integral part of the Shah Group. It manufactures a wide range of high quality ophthalmic consumables such as Ophthalmic Micro Surgical Knives, pharmaceutical products etc..

SECPL, ophthalmic device product line features, “ACUCUT OPHTHALMIC MICRO SURGICALS KNIVES”. The Acucut Knives can be compared to any leading Global Ophthalmic Knives in terms of Performance, Consistency, and Quality. The Total manufacturing technology, process & machinery has been transferred from Germany.

ACUCUT Ophthalmic Knives are manufactured through fully automated process & THRU ELECTRO ETCHING process. As per our understanding usages of ELECTRO ETCHING TECHNOLOGY would be first in India, in Ophthalmic Micro Surgical Knives Application.

ELECTRO ETCHING Process produces a structure that can be finished to ensure following high performance feature on the blade, when compared to Manual process of grinding.
1. Diamond Like Sharpness
2. EXACT Sharpness & Consistency,
3. High Repeatability

ELECTRO ETCHING process give Lustrous surface, improved surface finish gives Superior micro finish can improve seals, lowers friction, allow for easier sanitation, light reflection, product adhesion and contamination buildup. Chemical etching process provides an enhancement to the surface finish that is inherent in the process. Research by the USFDA has indicated that electro polishing reduces the buildup of bacterial biofilms.

The ACUCUT brand is recognized globally as a leader in micro incision technologies. A proprietary manufacturing etching process, polishing Technology, eliminates blade grinding and produces cutting edges with consistent sharpness and tolerance, blade after blade.

To benchmark our products with leading Ophthalmic Knives manufacturer globally, We have Standardized Penetration testing, where in Penetration Media, Process & Force Gauge is used to make sure the Penetration test Result/Values are consistent enough I,e within +/- 5 % values.

Shah Eye Care Pvt. Ltd. manufacturers various type of Ophthalmic Knives in quantity without compromising quality and delivery schedule. It has stringent quality controls at all level of processes. Also it has excellent set up for production process and corrective action activities.

ACUCUT Ophthalmic knives manufactured through fully Automated, Revolutionary ELECTRO ETCHING Technology & Designed to give Diamond like performance.